Collection: Tube Alignment Tools

High-performance alignment tools are vital for a range of welding applications, especially for tube projects requiring maximum precision. Boiler applications across multiple industries depend on these tools for accurate welding, reduced tube joint failure and increased job efficiency, from power generation and energy facilities to manufacturing plants and paper mills.

At Walhonde, we offer a broad selection of boilermaker tools and tube alignment clamps to help facilitate each application's unique needs.

Boiler Tube Alignment Tools and Welding Clamps from Walhonde Tools

Users rely on tube-welding clamps and alignment tools from Walhonde to ensure the highest quality during boiler installation and repair. Our tools and kits provide everything you need to achieve accurate gap spacing for high-quality weld joints. These tools are simple to use and offer fast alignment for all your tube welding needs.

We supply a wide variety of boilermaker tools to suit several boiler applications, including: 

  • Boomer: The Boomer works well for applications featuring chill-rings and customizable inserts, enabling quick and accurate alignment of penthouse tubes for fit-up. The Boomer also comes with a turnbuckle option for more precise control over pushing and pulling.
  • Wallsticks: Each Wallstick kit includes four Wallsticks and safety pins. It provides efficient tube alignments for waterwall applications with 1/4- or 3/8-inch membranes.
  • Wallbanger™ HD: Walhonde's Wallbanger HD offers fast and precise alignment of one tube at a time for various boiler welding applications. It also works for pipe-fitting applications measuring 2 1/2 inches to 1 1/4 inches.
  • Wallbanger™ DB: The grooves of the Wallbanger DB fit two waterwall tubes with diameters from 7/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches at a time, allowing you to control the precise spacing of your welding area. Wallbanger DB tools are application-specific, fitting tubes with a 7/8-inch to 1 1/4-inch diameter. 
  • Boilermaker Kit: Our Boilermaker Kit combines the designs of the Wallbanger HD and the Boomer to provide fast and accurate alignment of a wide assortment of boiler tubes.
  • Wallzip: Walhonde's Wallzip Kit includes two sections, combining the precise-fitting capabilities of our Wallstick and our Wallbanger DB to deliver superior alignment for waterwall penthouse tubes.

Tube Alignment Tool Applications

Tube welding requires high quality and precision that only superior alignment tools can provide. The costs of these tools quickly pay themselves off because of their ability to increase job production, accuracy and efficiency.

Several examples of the boiler tube types our alignment tools work well for include:

  • Waterwall tubes
  • Reheat tubes
  • Superheat tubes
  • Header tubes
  • Crossover tubes
  • Economizer tubes
  • Generating tubes

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