Pipe alignment in the aerospace industry is nonnegotiable. You must meet aerospace welding standards to protect your clients and crew and minimize losses, as a misaligned pipe is a severe safety risk. At Walhonde Tools, we have aerospace fabrication solutions to mitigate these risks. Our aerospace pipe fabrication fitting tools are precise and efficient. 

We offer aerospace pipe welding tools such as the Top Liner™ Elite for accurate pipe alignment, providing you with innovative products designed with you in mind. We are the market leader in designing and manufacturing pipe alignment tools. With our expertise and solutions, you can maintain the required aerospace welding standards. 

Why You Need Quality Aerospace Pipeline Fabrication Tools

The aerospace industry deals with delicate processes and equipment and is susceptible to significant life and property losses. We offer solutions to combat the challenges you encounter, which can include:

  • Breakdowns:

    A breakdown can mean losses to your company and may open you up to litigation. With our aerospace pipe welding tools, you can quickly weld broken pipes to minimize losses. Our products meet aerospace welding standards for effective and safe use.

  • Leaks:

    Leaks in piping or tubing can harm lives and property. Having the right welding and pipe-fitting tools is essential to repairing leaks when they appear and increasing productivity. 

When undertaking aerospace pipe fabrication, you can increase productivity and efficiency by:

  • Using weld automation: Use weld automation to increase accuracy and reduce human errors. One of the most critical components of automated welding is precise alignment, which can be achieved by using the Walhonde Top Liner™ series of alignment tools.
  • Emphasizing safety: Follow the manufacturers' guidelines for all tools you use to prevent injuries and delays in your project. Walhonde’s Top Liner™ series reduces or eliminates the need for comealongs, chokers and wedges.
  • Evaluating past fabrication projects: Keep a record of all the fabrications you do to evaluate future projects. This information can also help with inspections to let you know where potential problems may arise. 

Benefits of Choosing Walhonde Tools for Your Aerospace Piping Projects

At Walhonde Tools, we have the most innovative industrial pipe-fitting tools, created with cutting-edge techniques and quality materials. Using our pipe alignment products offers the following key advantages:

  • Easily set the high-low adjustment: Walhonde's tools have a superior design to control the high-low movement setting of pipes, helping to avoid X-ray rejects due to misalignment.
  • Quickly attain push-pull adjustment: With our tools' design, you can precisely set the gap to gain better control and stability.
  • Increase productivity by over 50%: We make fit-ups easy with exact repeatability features, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve quality control by virtually eliminating weld rejects: Walhonde tools' features work together to ensure the perfect fit for virtually any weld requirement.
  • Greatly enhance safety, thus minimizing injuries: Walhonde's tools assist in the accurate welding of pipes, minimizing accidents like leaks and tools slipping and falling.
  • Rounds out pipe on schedule 40 and below: Our tools round out pipe and remove any egg shape by simply bolting the tool on the pipe.
  • Works on heavy-wall pipe and preheating: Walhonde Tools offers comprehensive solutions for robust piping and preheating, making us the single-source provider to the aerospace industry.
  • Enjoy our rental program: Our rental program lets you rent different products to see which fits your needs. You can cut your overhead , by using our rental program which allows you to switch out various sizes as needed for your project. You don’t have to warehouse, maintain, or inventory the tools. An as new tool is always just a call away.
  • Take advantage of various solutions: Walhonde Tools has various pipe and tube alignment tools for aerospace manufacturing applications. If we don’t have a tool for the application, we will simply design and make one.
  • Get on-the-job training: We offer on-the-job training as a billable service. Our experts teach your technicians how to use the pipe alignment tools to facilitate exact repeatability. 

Call to speak to a representative, or fill out our online form today to get quality aerospace pipe-fitting solutions.