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Wallbanger™ HD

Wallbanger™ HD


The Wallbanger™ HD tube alignment clamp accurately positions single tubes for welding. 

This industrial tube fitting clamp can fast-track the welding process, helping technicians beat their completion deadlines — Walhonde Tools can reduce your tube alignment process from hours to minutes. With different sizes to choose from, you can streamline alignment processes for various applications — our Wallbanger HD clamps align waterwall tubes, in power boilers. At the same time, paper mills use our stainless steel clamps for waterwall alignment in recovery boilers.

Wallbanger HD Tube Applications

The Wallbanger HD works well for boiler welding applications. This boiler tube clamp tool can align waterwall panel tubes, and technicians can also deploy these tools to align superheat, reheat, economizer, crossover, header and generating tubes. 

Although the Wallbanger HD is purpose-built as a boiler tube clamp tool, you can utilize it in other pipe-fitting applications. 

Fits OD Tube Sizes

The Wallbanger HD aligns tubes with the following sizes in inches:

  • Single Tube: 1 ½, 1 ¾, 1 7/8, 2, 2 1/8, 2 ¼, 2 7/8, 2 ½, 2 ¾, 3, 3 1/4
  • Panelized Tubes: 2, 2 3/8, 2 ½, 2 ¾, 3, 3 1/4

Why Use Walhonde Tools?

Various industries, like oil and gas, nuclear, petrochemical, shipbuilding, submarine building/repair, heavy industrial manufacturing, technology, aerospace, and paper, utilize Walhonde Tools, unlocking perks like these:

  • Meet industry standards: With the aid of our equipment, including the Wallbanger, technicians can confidently meet application requirements. 
  • Improve precision: Technicians can deliver accurate work because the Wallbanger accurately forces boiler tubes into alignment. 
  • Minimize labor costs: Utilizing Walhonde Tools' equipment allows technicians to work faster, lowering workforce expenses. 

Choose Quick Alignment Solutions Today

Free up training time and speed up your projects with Walhonde Tools' tube alignment solution — the Wallbanger HD tube clamp is ready to aid mission-critical alignment tasks. 

For more information about our industrial tube fitting clamps and training opportunities, contact our customer service staff.

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