Pipe alignment in the oil and gas industry is essential to reduce losses and potential damages due to pipe weld failure. Pipe alignment plays a vital role in ensuring the reliability, integrity and efficiency of piping systems. Walhonde Tools has oil and gas pipe alignment solutions to help you avoid any alignment issues — our products will give you maximum precision and efficiency. 

In our aim to prioritize our customers, our specialists can train you on-site to use our innovative tools to align your pipes quickly and limit weld rejections due to misalignment. We are the market leaders in designing and manufacturing pipe alignment tools, providing precision alignment that increases productivity, quality control and safety for oil and gas piping. We deliver results in minutes that would normally take hours.

Why Do You Need Precision Alignment for Oil and Gas Piping?

The oil and gas industry is sensitive regarding its many regulations and safety standards. A minor issue with pipe alignment can cause untold losses to property and life. Some common piping problems in the oil and gas industry include:

  • Corrosion:

    Underground pipes may corrode when they come into contact with chemicals in the soil. When this happens, you need urgent repairs. Our oil and gas welding solutions can get your pipeline back up and running quickly.

  • Misaligned pipes:

    If pipes are misaligned, they can't carry oil and gas efficiently. Misalignment can cause failure in the welded joint,which can cause joint failure and risk exposing people and the environment to toxic substances.When laying a pipeline, you need your pipes aligned with no misfits. When using Walhonde’s patented tools and processes, you virtually eliminate weld rejection due to misalignment. 

  • Leaks:

    If you have a pipeline leak due to damage, our welding clamps and other tools can provide the quickestandbest solution in mitigating problems both on and offshore.

How Does Walhonde Tools Benefit You?

At Walhonde Tools, we design our tools with you in mind and stand by our solutions. Using our products has the following key advantages:

  • Easily set the high-low adjustment: Walhonde's tools have a superior design to control the high-low movement setting of pipes, helping to avoid X-ray rejects due to misalignment.
  • Quickly attain push-pull adjustment: With our tools' design, you can precisely set the gap to gain better control and stability.
  • Increase productivity by over 50%: We make fit-ups easy with exact repeatability features, boosting efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve quality control by virtually eliminating weld rejects: Walhonde tools' features work together to ensure the perfect fit for virtually any weld requirement.
  • Greatly enhance safety, thus minimizing injuries: Our tools are designed to manipulate pipes accurately and precisely with minimal aid from comealongs and other lifting devices.
  • Rounds out pipe on schedule 40 and below: Our tools round out pipe and remove any egg shape by simply bolting the tool on the pipe.
  • Works on heavy-wall pipe and preheating: Walhonde tools are designed to withstand 600-degree preheat while maintaining a proper fit for tacking.
  • Enjoy our rental program: Our rental program lets you rent different products to see which fits your needs. You can cut your overhead , by using our rental program which allows you to switch out various sizes as needed for your project. You don’t have to warehouse, maintain, or inventory the tools. An as new tool is always just a call away.
  • Select custom designs: We can design custom tools for your specific project needs upon request, allowing you to fit pipes and fittings of non-standard sizes.
  • Receive on-the-job training: We offer on-the-job training for customers as a billable service to help you learn how to use tools correctly and in minimal time. Training helps with exact repeatability — when you learn to use the tool, you can repeat the action precisely.