Collection: Pipe Alignment Tools

High-quality pipe alignment tools are essential for accurate radial alignment and axial spacing. In addition, the clamping action corrects any out-of-round conditions before the welding is accomplished. These specialized devices feature clamps that fit the pipe's outer diameter to maintain correct positioning while providing the weld nozzle access to the pipe's entire weld joint.

At Walhonde, we offer pipe alignment tools that allow users to align and fit pipes more precisely while increasing job safety, quality, efficiency and productivity.

Pipe Fitting Alignment Tools From Walhonde

Pipe alignment tools are crucial for accurately installing new pipe systems or repairing existing ones, including pipe-to-pipe, flange-to-pipe and other applications. Walhonde Tools supplies a broad selection of industrial pipe fitting tools that deliver precise alignment during welding operations, reducing the risk of weld cracks, voids, misalignment and cost of poor quality. 

Our line of pipe alignment tools includes the following:

  • Top Liner™: Our Top Liner is a heavy-duty clamp that can handle pipes with any schedule or wall thickness. Top Liner clamps fit pipes 2 to 72 inches, delivering precise control of spacing and high-low alignment, eliminating the need for bridges and dogs while maximizing welding efficiencies. 
  • Top Liner™ Elite: Walhonde's Top Liner Elite clamps come in sizes ranging from 2 to 12 inches and are ideal for light- to medium-duty welding applications. This product enhances control for applications involving fittings, elbows, neck flanges and clocking pipes. The primary advantage of the Elite over other clamps is its clocking feature, which allows for clocking 10 degrees left or right and enables you to align your fittings precisely in the direction they need to go.
  • Top Liner™ Gen III: The Top Liner Gen III works well for fit-ups with minimal pre-load in light to medium-duty jobs. Its exceptional control is ideal for pipe-to-pipe, flange-to-pipe, tee-to-pipe and elbow-to-pipe welding jobs. 
  • Top Dawg: Our Top Dawg is an alignment dog with weldable lugs made from premium-grade stainless or carbon steel. The turnbuckles control push-pull dimensions, while the jackscrews control high-low movement for plates, pipes, steel structures, tank vessels and more.

Pipe Welding Alignment Applications

Pipes are integral components in various industrial systems, from manufacturing and construction to power and utilities. Because they transport fluids, gases and other materials strategically throughout a system, precise and secure welds are critical for maintaining pipe strength, integrity and durability. 

Various industries rely on pipe alignment tools from Walhonde to produce superior welds, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Nuclear
  • Naval and land-based
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical refineries
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pulp and Paper

Discover More With Walhonde Tools

If you want to learn more about how our alignment tools can benefit your pipe fitting application, the experts at Walhonde Tools can assist you. Since 1986, we have provided clients with the industry's highest-quality tools for sales and rentals, backed by top-class technical support and customer service. Call 304-756-3796 or contact us online to request additional product information.