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Top Liner Gen III

Top Liner Gen III


If you are looking to save time on your projects, consider the Top Liner Gen III pipe clamp tool. This pipe welding tool will improve your alignment processes in every way, from accuracy to efficiency and everything in between.

The Top Liner Gen III

Our Top Liner Gen III has a compact design perfect for light to medium-stress applications. With just one tool, you have access to a range of alignments, including:

  • Pipe to pipe
  • Pipe to elbow (short and long radius elbows)
  • Pipe to tee
  • Pipe to weld neck flange

How Can the Top Liner Gen III Help You?

The Top Liner Gen III will significantly increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary project delays. The external pipe clamp solves misalignment issues and maintains gap control. It also provides quality control and increases process repeatability. Best of all, the Top Liner Gen III creates a safer work environment for you and your colleagues.

Top Liner Gen III Features

This pipe fitter clamp tool has various unique features that make it suitable for many applications. The Top Liner Gen III's features include:

  • Versatile size capabilities from 1 inch to 12 inches
  • A sleek, compact design for light- and medium-duty jobs
  • Accurately set axial alignment
  • Rounds the ovality of the pipe
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Precisely set the gap
  • Increase process repeatability and quality control

Request a Quote Today!

At Walhonde Tools, we specialize in tube and pipe alignment tools that increase efficiency and precision. You can count on us to solve your pipe fitting needs. Reach out to us to request a quote for your own Top Liner Gen III!

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