Wallbanger™-HD Available for Rental


Four sets of Wallsticks, air impact wrench, socket & bolts.

With Safety Pins
Quickly and accurately aligns waterwall tubes with 1/4” or 3/8” membrane.
Boiler tube application: Waterwall

Wallsticks™ can be used with a single set or in combination with 2 or more sets. One “set” includes: 1 – clearance half and 1 – threaded half with bolt and an impact wrench. Each Wallsticks come with your choice of 3/8” or 7/16” grade 8 bolt. Only tighten bolts evenly and as needed to bring the waterwall panel into alignment.
Wallsticks™ may also be used alongside the Walhonde Wallbangers™
Made of high strength heat treated stainless steel.

Patent pending safety feature allows for quick and easy tie-off of tools using readily available tie wire; prevent injury, prevent tool loss

• Increase productivity by 50% to 300%
• Improve quality control
• Enhance safety


Walhonde offers a full range of boiler tube alignment tools on a weekly rental basis. The tool rental benefits our customers by allowing Walhonde to inventory and maintain tools, ready for next day delivery to most projects in the USA.
Our pipe alignment tools are offered on a rental basis or sale.
We are always ready to assist our customers with on-the-job training upon request.


Product #O D Tube SizeDimensionsWeight (set of 4)Weekly Rental per Set
Wallsticks™7/8” through 3”5 x 1 Inch7 lb$ 45.00