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  • Improving quality control, virtually eliminating defects through x-ray,
  • Increasing productivity, adding to the bottom line and beating completion deadlines,
  • Enhancing safety, eliminating most pulling devices.

Project Portfolio

Chosen By SpaceX

Walhonde Tools technology has been proven and utilized in the building of SpaceX’s new Starship, which is a fully reusable, super–heavy-lift launch vehicle and spacecraft. Our process took complex thin walled pipe application from 30 minutes to three minutes with precise, and repeatable success.

Chosen By The US Navy and General Dynamics


“We used the 3″ clocking fixture yesterday to fit up and weld a 3” SCH160 elbow to a bent piece of pipe where the weld joint was in the tangent of the bend (J-Bevel joint design). We use FARO technology when we clock our fittings. We were able to get the joint clocked to within 15° (SAT by our standard but could have gotten it closer if needed.) By using that fixture, it was about 50% or more reduction in time. Great product! I wish I knew about it long ago.” – US Navy Nuclear Weld Shop Foreman

Chosen by Big Oil

Multi billion dollar oil platforms delivering tens of millions of dollars of oil per day. We were tasked with designing a tool for the “change out” of both 28″ and 30″ heavy wall pipe. Allotted 24 hours for each fitup. Completed fitups in one hour each, saving 46 hours.

Client:  Sauer Group, Inc.

Project:  MarkWest Seneca 1 Gas Processing Plant  |  Summerfield, Ohio

Utilized our Top Liner Pipe Clamp on the piping installation for pipe sizes 12″ through 42″.

42″ CS pipe, 7/8″ wall

Client:  PCL Industrial Construction Co.

Project:  Enbridge-IAG Ajax Natural Gas Processing Plant  |  Wheeler, TX

Project:  Dow Chemical Falcon Chlor-alkali Plant  |  Freeport, TX

Utilized our Top Liner Pipe Clamp on the piping installation for pipe sizes 4″ through 48″

PCL constructed this 4″ mockup used to train Fitters coming onto the projects.

Gary McClure (left), inventor and Steve Martin (right), BA of Richmond/Roanoke, Virginia Local 10.

Matt McClure with Walhonde Tools training some Local Instructors.


Induction preheating (400 degrees) on heavy-wall pipe with the Top Liner Pipe Clamp in place. When the joint
grows from the preheating you can reset the gap spacing and high & low with the clamp. No clean up of pipe. The welders
start welding from the bottom and work their way up. When they come to a turnbuckle they would pull the pin on
one side of the turnbuckle, flip it out of the way, and continue welding. Once past the turnbuckle, they would reattach the
turnbuckle and continue welding towards the top.


Company News

Hello Walhonde Tools community!!

We are proud to announce a change to the leadership team at Walhonde Tools, Inc. Matthew P. McClure is assuming the responsibilities of President of Walhonde Tools, Inc. Matt will be responsible for taking Walhonde Tools to the next level, building on the solid foundation and momentum achieved by the Walhonde Tools team under Joyce K. McClure.

Kay has been at the helm of Walhonde since it began in 1986 and has done a great job!! Joyce is now entering her golden years and is handing the reins over to Matt.

Matt is an accomplished leader, with a proven track record in the tube & pipe industry. He brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, and a passion for customer care. He also, has several patents for innovative new ideas and the hands on experience to solve the most complex problems. Matt has been serving as a Senior Vice President of Research & Development and we are extremely fortunate to have him to lead our team.