About Us

From their “little hill” in southern West Virginia, Gary and Kay McClure founded Walhonde Tools, Inc. to manufacture and market patented tube and pipe alignment tools to the heavy-industrial construction projects. Walhonde now produces and markets 10 precision tube and pipe fitting tools for the power, pulp & paper, petro-chemical, food and drug processing, shipbuilding, and repair industries worldwide for which the USA and other patent offices found unique and issued letters of patents. Walhonde customers include many fortune 500 companies, the US Navy, NASA, contractors and international concerns.


Welding educational institutions have taught students to quickly and accurately align tube and pipes for the welding process by using Walhonde’s innovative technology.

In addition, The Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative, sponsored by the Connecticut Mutual Insurance Company and endorsed by the Nation’s Business publication has chosen Walhonde Tools, Inc. as a Blue Chip Enterprise.

Walhonde Tools, Inc. lead the way into the 21st century in welded tube and pipe assembly. Innovation never stops at Walhonde. Contact us to see what’s new.